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Surface Mount Assembly

Manufacturing: Products


Latest generation Yamaha lines
Single and Double sided
Vision placement of latest technology packages – BGA,QFN,DFN
Heller SMT reflow ovens – Lead & Lead Free.

Computer Circuit Board
Manufacturing: Materials

Through Hole Assembly

Manufacturing: Products


Wave soldering machines Lead and Lead-Free.
Hand Soldering
Rework Stations
Printed Circuit Board V-Groove De-paneling
Hand loading frames for proto-typing or small batch production
Mil Spec GPD Component Loading and Forming machines - military standards
Tape mounted components up to 25,000 parts per hour
Loose fed components up to 4,000 parts per hour.

Manufacturing: Materials

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Manufacturing: Products


To guarantee a product's quality before it leaves a factory, product verification is fundamental, but it is also a repetitive and tedious job. As a result, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems are the quality control method of choice to replace manual checks. AOI systems are capable of far more swiftly and accurately handling many of the visual checks previously performed by manual operators

The SAKI AOI systems have revolutionised the industry with its superior resolution ensuring accuracy and stable inspection results to detect the following at resolution of 18um.

  • Area defects

  • Billboarding

  • Component offset

  • Component polarity

  • Component presence or absence

  • Component Skew

  • Excessive Solder Joints

  • Flipped component

  • Height Defects

  • Insufficient Paste around Leads

  • Insufficient Solder Joints

  • Lifted Leads

Manufacturing: Materials

HD Inspection

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Manufacturing: Products


FULL HD 1080p/60fps image quality.
Saving and sharing imaging and live video recording.
FULL HD 30x optical zoom.

Manufacturing: Materials
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