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Acusensus AI to detect illegal phone use

Congratulations to Alexander and all the team at Acusensus!

Transport for NSW is set to roll out world-first AI technology which can identify drivers who illegally use their mobile phones while behind the wheel.

Roads minister Andrew Constance says modelling suggests the technology has the potential to prevent around 1,200 fatal and serious injury crashes over five years.

distracted driver using mobile phone

The mobile phone detection camera technology, provided by Australian road safety technology company Acusensus, will start operating from December as part of the government’s road safety campaign.

The government is investing $88 million in the initiative.

The all-weather, day-night system includes fixed and trailer-mounted cameras capable of capturing high resolution images of front-row cabin space and uses artificial intelligence to review the images.

Sophisticated algorithms analyse the images to detect the likelihood of phone use, and discard images where this doesn’t apply. The images selected by the technology as depicting an offending driver will be subject to human review before warnings and fines are issued.

The detection can also be performed in real time.

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